Sunday, May 6, 2007

Überpix #121

Überclue (a): Eight v/s Eight
Überclue (b): Mo bad than good

Since I'm so happy to have enlightened Srini on something, however stupid, I'll also be generous and give this crownie to him.


Srini said...

Alfred Molina

a) he played Dr.octopus in spiderman .both spider and octopus are 8 legged.

b) Mo Lina

c) Batman's ??

Übermaniam said...

Well, you said it. Batman's butler is Alfred. One up on the Quiz God. Yay! I'll give it to you.

vinoo said...

a trivia 4 uber. alfred molna plays a small role in raiders of the lost arc too.

Übermaniam said...

Yep. I found that out too, on the wiki page. Don't know molina any other way. Tnks.