Thursday, May 10, 2007

Überpix #137

Überclue (a): Superman
Überclue (b): Kung-fu

As always, friend and colleague Gibbo gets the face and then takes a shot at getting the clues. Not very succesfully. What the heck, he still gets the crownies.


gibbo said...

Ahh, my favorite actor, Christopher Lee. Has hit mainstream in the last 10 years but delve deep into his past for some of the great Hammer roles such as count Dracula and in The Wicker Man. mY fave, 'The hounds of Baskerville': RELEASE THE HOUNDS.

A) Could be anything. He fought in WW1, his massive list of movies, he still does his own stunts, his boxoffice drawing ability at the moment, up to you....
B) Would have to be related to playing Fu Manchu
C) He has played in countless horror films, a big star of the Hammer studio.

Übermaniam said...

Superman: Christopher from Reeve.
Kung-fu: Lee from Bruce Lee.
Frightener: Bang on.