Saturday, May 26, 2007

Over and out

For the few regulars - Priya, Gibbo, Anonymouse and Editoramma - who patronise this squibz, sincere thanks for the pleasure of your company. I'm going back to spending my free time doing something else I enjoy: inventing words. (And, of course, writing my Magnum Flopus.) I'd also like to thank Anantha for having inspired me (yet again) to try my hand at clueing. (God knows I'm not very good at quizzing, either.) I'll be back. Maybe. Until then, whatever.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Überpix #174

Überclue (a): Rasputin
Überclue (b): Sen

I doff my hat to Priya and humbly, suspiciously, wonderingly give up another crownie.

Überpix #172

Überclue (a): Brit
Überclue (b): French

Priya does Europe for this crownie.

Überpix #171

Überclue (a): Welch
Überclue (b): Size

Nad het noareth crownie fro Priya.

Überpix #170

Überclue (a): Gore
Überclue (b): Bud's

Priya gets a couple of easy ones off her chest. Here's a crownie for one of them.

Überpix #169 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Pirate
Überclue (b): Pianist

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Überpix #168

Überclue (a): Robert De Niro
Überclue (b): Terry Gilliam

Deftly handled by Gibbo for the crownie.

Überpix #167

Überclue (a): Top
Überclue (b): 12345

Priya doesn't need to get into anything more than first gear for this crownie.

Überpix #166 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Tracksformer
Überclue (b): Adam's name

Monday, May 21, 2007

Überpix #165 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Greek Great
Überclue (a): Menacing boy

Überpix #164 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Beautiful era
Überclue (b): Suspender

Überpix #163

Überclue (a): Hen-pecked
Überclue (b): Ry Cooder

Interesting answer from Priya for yet another oh so boring crownie.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Überpix #162 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Fight Club
Überclue (b): Pencil sticks

Überpix #161

Überclue (a): The start of Lara
Überclue (b): The T in pharma & pharma

Editoramma plays her clues well to pouch this crownie.

Überpix #160

Überclue (a): Smile
Überclue (b): Flower

Prashant breaks all the rules and wrests free his crownie.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Überpix #159

Überclue (a): Stories of O
Überclue (b): Bus stopped

Bad clues notwithstanding, Vinoo gets this crownie.

Überpix #158

Überclue (a): Ravi Shankar
Überclue (b): Christopher Doyle

Editoramma snatches the Bawa and his jewels...I mean, crownie.

Überpix #157

Überclue (a): Johnny Depp
Überclue (b): Gene Wilder

Anonymouse has got this crownie covered.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Überpix #156

Überclue (a): Hirsute lady
Überclue (b): Plays with her breasts

Googlemouse steals the crownie from Priya.

Überpix #155

Überclue (a): It's
Überclue (b): True

Editoramma overthinks the clues and gives me more information than was necessary for the crownie. The clues were the answer.

Überpix #154

Überclue (a): Hanif Kureshi
Überclue (b): Nick Hornby

This crownie goes to the Googlemouse.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Überpix #153 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): One part cat
Überclue (b): One part ice cream

Überpix #152

Überclue (a): Sour
Überclue (b): Pearl of Al-Qaida

Sweet. Anonymouse takes the crownie.

Überpix #151

Überclue (a): Angel
Überclue (b): Compass points

Priya returns and returns with her customary crownie.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Überpix #150

Überclue (a): Pepzzi
Überclue (b): Sunday

Anonymouse is smart enough to get my silly pun and the crownie for this 'un.

Überpix #149 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Horny Devil
Überclue (b): Seventh Night

Überpix #148

Überclue (a): Chappell
Überclue (b): Shades of Whoopi Goldberg

Srini corrects me and collects the crownie.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Überpix #147

Überclue (a): Scoot
Überclue (b): Pooch

Gibbo scoots off with this crownie.

Überpix #146

Überclue (a): Dirty Harry
Überclue (b): Gentlemen preferred this lady

Gibbo gets the Blondie for the crownie.

Überpix #145

Überclue (a): John Travolta
Überclue (b): Tom Cruise

Anonymouse doesn't even have to google this one for his crownie.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Überpix #144 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Blue and Yellow
Überclue (b): I belonging to France with no apostrophe

Überpix #143

Überclue (a): Ball player
Überclue (b): Hawkeye

Part-timer, Srini gets this crownie. Good one.

Überpix #142

Überclue (a): Realist life
Überclue (b): Stark night

And another crownie for Anonymouse.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Überpix #141

Überclue (a): Gravity
Überclue (b): Heights

Anonymouse books himself another crownie.

Überpix #140 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Yes way, José
Überclue (b): Offspring of Pele's club

Überpix #139 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Who Doctor?
Überclue (b): Book not by accident

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Überpix #138

Überclue (a): IP address
Überclue (b): Old punk

Great get by Anonymouse. Take the crownie.

Überpix #137

Überclue (a): Superman
Überclue (b): Kung-fu

As always, friend and colleague Gibbo gets the face and then takes a shot at getting the clues. Not very succesfully. What the heck, he still gets the crownies.

Überpix #136

Überclue (a): Mad
Überclue (b): Red and white

This crownie for the uncrowned King of Pink Floyd is given to Editoramma, even though she doesn't quite get The Madcap Laughs connection. Ah well, the madcap smiles.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Überpix #135

Überclue (a): Nina Ricci
Überclue (b): Yellow breast

Editoramma recognises the picture but doesn't get all the clues. Still, I get the drift and magnanimously hand over the crownie.

Überpix #134 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Ant
Überclue (b): A turner

Überpix #133

Überclue (a): Dish
Überclue (b): Feast

Gibbo gobbles up Nigella and the crownie.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Überpix #132 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Mozart
Überclue (b): Black and white

Überpix #131 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Pencil floater
Überclue (b): Apostle

If you think I've made a mistake, you have no clue.

Überpix #130

Überclue (a): Part monster
Überclue (b): Part untouchable

Priya does her part, as usual, and forces me to part with yet another crownie.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Überpix #129

Überclue (a): Black roll breaks
Überclue (b): California battle heaven

I wonder how many more crownies Gibbo would take with a bit of googling. (Considering he's the only guy who doesn't google for his solutions.) Ah well, Priya googles her way to another crownie.

Überpix #128

Überclue (a): Heart
Überclue (b): Breaker

Gibbo, the honest one, dequizzes his way to this crownie.