Friday, May 4, 2007

Überpix #114

Überclue (a): The horror of metamorphoses
Überclue (a): Dead place

Daily visitor, Gibbo, picks up his, almost daily, crownie.


gibbo said...

One of my favourites, and a genius behind the lens;

David Cronenberg.

A) Pioneered the genre: Body Horror. Has to do with the changing or metamorphsing of body into something different of dangerous. His best movies being The Fly, The Brood and Videodrome
A) The second A clue (was pun intended), refers to his film the Dead Zone, an adaption of a Stephen King film, also producing the TV series which was allright.
C) Not sure about this one. will think it over.

Übermaniam said...

Dead ringer: Almost a lookalike. Give, for getting it. Almost.