Monday, April 30, 2007

Scorebored for April

Priya leads. The rest will follow.

Überpix #105

Überclue (a): Vampire
Überclue (b): Angel

Greedy Priya is at it again.

Überpix #104

Überclue (a): Africa
Überclue (b): China

Priya opens my eyes with a connection beyond the one I was looking for (Chad/Africa) and stashes away yet another crownie.

Überpix #103

Überclue (a): Landing page
Überclue (b): Part of Hustler

Priya opens her account in the month of May with a surely thought out crownie.

Überpix #102

Überpclue (a): Cracked Earth
Überclue (b): Times of India Hindu

The well-read Editoramma beats the prolific Priya to this crownie.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Überpix #101

Überclue (a): Canadian
Überclue (b): Scottish

Friend and partner in crime, Gibbo, returns and smashes his way to a crownie.

Überpix #100

Überclue (a): Michael Jordan
Überclue (a): Vietnam

Mixed up Anonymouse gets all the clues mixed up but emerges with the right answer. Here's your cwroien.

Überpix #99

Überclue (a): Huge
Überclue (a): Kurt Waldheim

Despite the poor clueing, great get by Editoramma for another crownie. No, make that a dozen crownies.

Überpix #98

Überclue (a): Middle East
Überclue (b): New Orleans

Anonymouse, nibbles his way to this crownie.

Überpix #97 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Orkut
Überclue (b): Han Jian

Überpix #96

Überclue (a): Ethan Hawke
Überclue (b): Martin Scorcese

Ladies and Gentlemen, this crownie goes to the lady and gentleman, Anonymouse.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Überpix #95

Überclue (a): Kathleen Turner
Überclue (b): Fox series

Überpix #94 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Al Pacino
Überclue (b): Michelle Pfeiffer

Überpix #93

Überclue (a): War of the Roses
Überclue (a): Cuckoo

Impartial me cannot give the crownie to Anonymouse, but I can hand it to him/her for having solved two of the three clues.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Überpix #92

Überclue (a): Before Jordan
Überclue (b): On Baseball

The Solo woman, Priya, snares the solo man and his crownie. Good catch.

Überpix #91

Überclue (a): Man Arbor
Überclue (b): Sterling contribution

Time to plant a crownie plant. The way they're going, best to find some way to keep the supply coming. Keep 'em coming. And here's your crownie.

Überpix #90 (Unsolved)

Überclue (a): Shorty
Überclue (b): Italian

Überpix #89

Überclue (a): 19 times No
Überclue (b): Not persistent

Nice take for crownie. Take.

Überpix #88

Überclue (a): Just so you know
Überclue (b): If you need another clue

Anonymouse needs no more clues; only one more answer. And the answer is all in the day's work. Off with your head...I mean, crownie.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Überpix #87

Überclue (a): Bryan Ferry
Überclue (b): Tom and Jerry

The three and lonely Anonymouse picks up this berry silly crownie without telling me how beautifully I clued this one using only rhyme. Never mind. I shall pat myself on the back for this one. Take it away, Anonymouse!

Überpix #86

Überclue (a): Millionaire
Überclue (b): Homeless

Isn't Priya weighed down by all those crownies? Guess not. Here's one more.

Überpix #85

Überclue (a): Lethal Weapon
Überclue (b): The Matrix

Awesomedidu snaps up another crownie with a characteristically well-thought out figure!

Überpix #84

Überclue (a): What a
Überclue (b): Good relationship

Frankly, I'm amazed by the stratospheric levels of thinking some of you have exhibited. What wonderful minds I'm playing games with. Yet another crownie, this time, for Priya.

Überpix #83

Überclue (a): Eddie Murphy
Überclue (b): Gus Van Sant

Good one, Priya! Just when you thought you were inside my head, I surprised you. Unfortunately, not for long. Hmph! Need to go bake some more crownies.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Überpix #82

Überclue (a): Riverdale comic
Überclue (b): Leaf

I guess I'm going to have to change the way I think. (Priya seems to have me, and this one, too, figured out.) Another crownie for her bejewelled collection.

Überpix #81

Überclue (a): Bruce Willis
Überclue (b): Philip Kaufman

Editoramma stokes the fires of vanity with another crownie.

Überpix #80 (Übernewfus!)

Überclue (a): Boom Boom!
Überclue (b): Cricket ball

It is Roscoe Tanner, from the scoreboard, but can you get the answers to the clues?

Überpix #79

Überclue (a): Big blow
Überclue (b): Desire

Editoramma gets the answers to two of the three clues but not the crownie.

Überpix #78

Überclue (a): Wheeler
Überclue (b): Ring Ring

The unstoppable Priya turns out another stellar performance. Crownieeeee!

Überpix #77

Überclue (a): Two promises
Überclue (b): Marilyn Monroe

I want the name of the guy.

The focussed Editoramma gets her man, minus all the clues. Generous me gives Madam Clue Less the crownie.

Überpix #76

Überclue (a): Mars Attack
Überclue (b): Steven Speilberg

Priya uses her alien superbrain and bzzzzts another crownie!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Überpix #75

Überclue (a): Johnny Depp
Überclue (b): Stallone

Yes it the hunk of Mariachi. Another yummy crownie for Priya.

Überpix #74

Überclue (a): Duran Duran
Überclue (b): Brazilian

Great take by Priya. Take the crownie.

Überpix #73

Überclue (a): Ammo
Überclue (b): Airline

The charismatic Gibbo nets this one and another crownie.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Überpix #72

Überclue (a): Sail
Überclue (b): 2r2an

Al give this one to Gibbo. The second clue goes like this: 2(B)r2(Y)an. (B is the second alphabet. And Y is also the second alphabet in reverse order.) Crownie time!

Überpix #71

Überclue (a): Want to
Überclue (b): TPGUXBSF

Such bad clues and Editoramma, still, manages to decode this Übercoder for the crownie.

Überpix #70

Überclue (a): Little town
Überclue (a): English county

Gibbo snares the old Teri Hatcher and a crownie.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Überpix #69 (Long time solved!)

Überclue (a): Metro, Boulot, Dodo
Überclue (b): Fell before Jill

Priya struggles her way, for once, to this crownie!

Überpix #68 (Finally solved)

Überclue (a): Welcome Pierre
Überclue (a): Seroom

Finally, Priya accepts this poor, unwanted crownie! I'm amazed Pommie-hater Gibbo didn't get this one.

Überpix #67

Überclue (a): Less than Lothario
Überclue (b): Magician

Übercool! Priya poleaxes another crownie.

Überpix #66

Überclue (a): Bylarf
Überclue (a): Quentin Tarantino

Crownie goes to me.

Überpix #65

Überclue (a): Telephone
Überclue (b): Credit card

Looks like Editoramma has found herself a new job; collecting crownies! Here you go with an easy one.

Überpix #64

Überclue (a): Stands for America
Überclue (b): Marketing wall

Priya eats Unantha's brownies and collects my crownies. Here's another one for your collection.

Überpix #63

Überclue (a): Third man
Überclue (b): Follower

The Aussie in my part of the world connects with the Aussie. Gibbo pouches the crownie.

Überpix #62

Überclue (a): Zero
Überclue (b): Almost 100

Given to Editoramma. The 'ten' connection is to Sachin Tendulkar, who he said reminded him most of the way he used to bat.

Überpix #61

Überclue (a): Fruit
Überclue (b): Bird

Looks like it isn't going to be Priya all the way. There are a few people like Editoramma who are hot in pursuit of the reigning Crownie Queen. Another one for L'Editor.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Überpix #60

Überclue (a): Schwarzneggerhead
Überclue (b): Mob violence

From the fresh batch of golden baked crownies, the second one goes to Priya. (The first one's for me, for tasting purposes.)

Überpix #59

Überclue (a): rrow
Überclue (b): Dimple Kapadia

A fresh order of crownies please. Priya takes the last one from my last batch.

Überpix #58

Überclue (a): Hand plus 'a'
Überclue (b): Life of Monty Python movie

Editoramma deftly snares this crownie.

Überpix #57

Überclue (a): Shashi Kapoor
Überclue (b): Shyam Benegal

Madhura debuts with a well-thought out crownie.

Überpix #56

Überclue (a): Not Khanna
Überclue (b): Not Editor

The Editor waltzes by and walks away with another crownie.