Monday, May 7, 2007

Überpix #126

Überclue (a): Liv Ullman
Überclue (b): Rag Doll

Great get by Priya. And great story by Gibbo. The crownie goes to the lady. Sorry Gibbo, but you know how it goes. Then again, maybe you don't. But I certanly do.


Priya said...

Bebe Buell

a) Liv Ullmn - She named her daughter after Liv Illman.

b) Rag Doll - Her relationship with Steven Tyler.

c) Grew P - Sounds like "groupie". Her relationships with famous rockers. Also one of the characters from the movie Almost Famous is partly based on her.

gibbo said...

Beat me to it. I was stuck on the first one. Didnt think the Liv clue was that obvious.

b) The song was written after her.

c) Written whilst she was the bands groupie


a) Liv was conceived at this time, the song indirectly written about her.

Great story about Liv Tyler. She never knew her Dad but always felt drawn to Steve Tyler. Her Mum said hs had another Dad. When she was 17 (I think) she was invited backstage and Steve knew in an instant it was his kid. She was going back because she thought they were soulmates.

My favourite Hollywood story.