Monday, May 14, 2007

Überpix #146

Überclue (a): Dirty Harry
Überclue (b): Gentlemen preferred this lady

Gibbo gets the Blondie for the crownie.


gibbo said...

Its Deborah Harry, lead singer from Blondie.

a) reference to her surname, harry. and shes pretty dirty too.
b) A sex symbol. a gay rights advocate. a confessed swinger. a bit of a 'goer'. anything here.
c) Again referencing her name, nicknames rah rah and Deb

Srini said...

i think clue b refers to the marilyn monrow movie" gentlemen prefer blondes". blonde --> blondie

gibbo said...

Good get. on a second look, i got it too. I said Blondie, just didn't get the clue. i rarely do...